Terms and Conditions


How long do I have to place an order?

The window for pre-orders will generally begin within the first few days of each month and specific dates will be communicated via our website and social media channels. Typically around a month later, closing dates will depend on suppliers and can be subject to change. A timer on the website will provide an accurate countdown to when the current pre-order window will close.

Discounts of 20-40% sound great! But 20-40% off what exactly?

Excellent point! As a retailer that relies on imported product, we're at the mercy of fluctuating exchange rates and shipping costs. This means products we sell do not come with standard RRPs. With that in mind, the savings offered by COMICS ETC DIRECT are based upon current pricing at our parent retailer, COMICS ETC. When taking advantage of COMICS ETC DIRECT discounts, you're saving 25-35% off the already competitive prices you'll find in store and online at comicsetc.com.au. These are subject to change and we appreciate your understanding when new conversion rates become necessary.

Can I make changes such as adding/cancelling items or combining shipping after placing an order?

Take care when making selections, as we do not allow amendments of any kind once orders are submitted. Should you wish to add items prior to the pre-order window closing, you will need to place an additional order and pay the postage fees this incurs. We do not allow cancellations and will not combine shipping. These policies exist to ensure a smooth process on our end and huge savings on yours. We appreciate your understanding.

What if I missed the pre-order window? Can I still get those sweet discounts?

Unfortunately, no. Discounts offered by COMICS ETC DIRECT are built upon us knowing precisely what you want and ordering just that. Customers benefit from our distribution channels and by us avoiding costs related to importing, storage and dead stock. Once the monthly pre-order window closes, you will still be able to purchase titles on our parent site, comicsetc.com.au, and in store at our Brisbane retail location. COMICS ETC continues to trade as normal, offering a massive range of titles at competitive prices and selected based on more than three decades experience.

When will my order ship? Do you offer weekly shipping?

Typically, shipping occurs within the first 7 days after the shipping month. It all depends on when the stock lands in Australia. As you browse the site, you'll notice a tag in the top left corner of each product image indicating the shipping month in which we will receive and send that item. Release months can also be found on your order email underneath each title. As for why we work on a monthly rather than weekly cycle, this is just one way in which COMICS ETC DIRECT is able to offer customers such low prices. By receiving stock in this way, we are able to save on import and shipping fees and pass those savings onto you. As always, shipping dates are subject to change and any unusual delays will be communicated to you.

What condition can I expect my comics to arrive in?

At COMICS ETC DIRECT, we pride ourselves on shipping products as received from suppliers and with the utmost care. That said, we offer no guarantee orders will arrive in “mint” or “near mint” condition. As any comic fan will attest, these are highly specific terms amounting to perfection and many titles arrive unable to meet such lofty standards. We also have no control over handling of packages once they’ve left our store en route to you. By reading our FAQ when placing an order, you accept that we will not enter into discussions regarding exchanges, credits or refunds on the basis items do not meet Mint or Near Mint standards. In a rare instance you receive damaged or faulty goods, we will of course do our best to find a solution in a friendly and efficient manner.

Will my comics arrive bagged and boarded?

Customers have the option to purchase bags and boards prior to finalising an order. If selected, comics will be bagged and boarded for you prior to shipping.

Do you offer variants?

We are unable to offer variants at this time. This may change once we have a firm idea on order numbers and which variants we will be receiving. Watch this space.

Will I receive the cover pictured in the item listing?

Listings on our website feature artwork provided by publishers and are for illustrative purposes only. More often than not, artwork will be consistent with the final product but we make no guarantees as this will not always be the case and is entirely out of our control.

Which postal service do you use?

We use Australia Post and recommend downloading their app to manage and track your parcels.

How are my orders packaged?

This will depend on the number of titles ordered and their dimensions. We utilise a variety of speciality packaging products designed especially to ship comic books through the mail. Made of durable corrugated cardboard, these mailers and boxes are locally produced to exacting specificationsIn an effort to minimise our environment impact, we may up-cycle the packaging that our suppliers use to ship comics to us. We understand our customers have high expectations and pride ourselves on the fact damaged goods and returns are incredibly rare.

Can I request special packaging for my order?

We do not accomodate special requests for parcels. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions when placing an order, you entrust us with packing goods as we deem appropriate based on years of experience in online retail. In rare instances that damage occurs during transit, it is likely the responsibility of the postal service. Notify us ASAP and we will make all reasonable effort to find a solution.

What if I receive an incorrect, faulty or damaged item?

Wherever possible, please notify us by email within 48 hours of delivery. Should stock be available in our next scheduled delivery and the concern warrants it, we will be more than happy to provide you with a replacement item. If a replacement is unavailable, we may issue a full refund.

It’s important to note that we may require return of the original item for credit or replacement. We also reserve the right to request photographic evidence of any faults or damage. These measures provide us with opportunities to confirm additional stock isn’t affected or to investigate damage in an effort to prevent it in future. Once again, issues of this nature are rare and we appreciate your patience as we address concerns on a case by case basis.

How can I be confident my items will arrive in acceptable condition?

It’s the nature of publishing that items will rarely be received by retailers in 100% perfect condition. At COMICS ETC DIRECT, we understand this and how it affects some customers, making every reasonable effort to weed out legitimate damage prior to shipping. We also make a point of not shipping products we wouldn’t happily purchase ourselves. Of course, if we ever get it wrong and something slips through the cracks, we welcome your friendly and productive feedback and will endeavour to make it right.

Do you accept returns if I change my mind?

The deep discounts offered by COMICS ETC DIRECT are possible because we only order what our customers commit to purchasing. As such, all sales are final except in rare cases of faulty or damaged stock, as detailed above.

An item I ordered was cancelled and refunded. Why?

From time to time, publishers may cancel titles prior to release. If this happens to an item in your order, we will automatically provide you with a full refund and let you know what happened via email. The most common reasons for cancelled titles are as follows:


RESOLICIT - the title has been cancelled but the publisher plans to offer it again at a later date. When the title is resolicited, it will need to be ordered again.

ALLOCATIONS OCCURRED - the publisher was unable to fulfil all orders and sent only a portion of ordered quantities. Orders are filled on a first come, first served basis.

CANCELLED BY PUBLISHER - the publisher has cancelled the item and has no longer plans to offer it at a later date.

LATENESS - the item has been delayed to such an extent that the publisher has decided to cancel it. If and when the title is resolicited, it will need to be ordered again.

NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION - the publisher no longer has the rights to sell the product in Australia and has cancelled the order.

What if an item I ordered is delayed?

If a particular title in your order's delayed, this will be noted on your invoice along with an updated release date, if known. Once received, the item will be shipped to you free of charge. Please note product delays are out of the hands of COMICS ETC DIRECT and will not entitle you to a refund except in cases when the title is delayed to such an extent that the publisher has decided to cancel it.

I placed an order that includes items spanning different release months. Will I be charged separate shipping for each month, even though it's a single order?

If you place a single order that includes items scheduled to ship over multiple release months, COMICS ETC DIRECT will split the shipment at no additional cost. Other orders placed in the meantime will continue to be treated separately and our flat rate shipping fee with be applied as per normal. Our policy related to combined shipping remains in effect and subsequent orders cannot be included in the "free" shipping of items awaiting fulfilment.



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