Pre Order Window Opens!

    A new month means a new selection! Early every month, the pre-order window opens and we list upcoming titles coming soon. You have ONE MONTH to place your pre-orders, saving 25-35% off Comics Etc’s regular prices.


    But How?

    It's actually pretty simple! By ordering AND paying in advance, you make a commitment that eliminates risk on our end while benefitting from savings we can pass directly onto you.



    When will my order ship?

    Typically, shipping occurs around the last Wednesday of the month. As you browse the site, you'll notice a tag in the top left corner of each product image indicating the shipping month in which we will receive and send that item.



    But what happens if a book is delayed?

    We will ship it with the following months books for you. We will let you know when a book is delayed so you have no surprises


    Awesome! I am going to order 100 Mint copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1 and be rich baby! 

    Woah, woah, woah... Hold your horses there, cowboy. Yes, you can order as many copies of a title as you like. However, we make no guarantees you'll receive mint copies. The service provided by COMICS ETC DIRECT is about early access and sweet discounts. 



    Help! I changed my mind! I want to cancel my order!

    That would be a no, sorry. The game only works because we rely on your commitment to buy and you rely on our commitment to provide. Once you submit that order, you're all in. No backing out. Y'know, kinda like marriage.



    This seems to good to be true...

    Look, it's a good deal, we'll give you that. But we do have a pretty in depth FAQ that we would like you to read. We urge you to give it a thorough read before you place and order so you understand the process and there are no disappointments. If anything's still not clear, please don't hesitate to ask