Formerly Fallen Daughter Of Duke  Volume 02
October Release

Formerly Fallen Daughter Of Duke Volume 02

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Claire Martino once had everything: a loving family, a crown prince fiancé, and a hopeful future using her family's inherited magic. Then, in an instant, she lost it all - and the culprit was her own beloved half-sister. As the daughter of the now-disgraced duke and scorned as a villainess, Claire left everything she knew and set out on a journey to find her true self. But things grow stressful soon enough, with a magical tornado threatening her new home. The time has also come for crown prince Vik to choose a fiancée. As the fallen daughter of a duke, will Claire be allowed to stay in Vik's life? But wait, isn't that the plot of the otome game Upstart Eternal Love on its hardest difficulty setting...?

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