Batmobile Haynes Manual Hc
October Release

Batmobile Haynes Manual Hc

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Go under the hood of Batman's iconic vehicle in this user's manual for the Batmobile. This user's manual reveals the secrets behind the most iconic versions of the Batmobile across decades of comics and films, giving readers a never-before-seen look at the most beloved vehicle in pop culture. Featuring detailed cutaways, schematics, blueprints, and more, this book is full of original art, giving fans the most detailed exploration of the Batmobile to date. A definitive volume, Batmobile Owner's Manual examines the vehicle's many iterations throughout Batman's history, from films such as Batman (1989), The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, to graphic novels including The Dark Knight Returns and the most current run of Batman comics. An immersive, must-have collectible, Batmobile Owner's Manual will reveal the technological wonders behind the most awe-inspiring, powerful, and feared vehicle in Gotham City.

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